Falahmetrix Solutions (Pty) Ltd is an innovative, professional services organisation which understands that business needs and priorities are dynamic and can change through the course of a business solution journey. Our main focus is thus to work closely with our clients to understand their requirements – not just at Project Initiation, but through out the implementation lifecycle to ensure that expectations are met at every stage of the service delivery.Delivery excellence,

Delivery excellence, quality and client satisfaction are top priorities in all our engagements. We are highly capable of delivering end to end managed solutions or provide highly skilled subject matter experts to assist our clients. Our strong project delivery expertise provides our clients assured and timeous solutions delivered through proven methodologies. Powered by technical proficiency, we ensure that every project is delivered on time, in budget and of the highest quality.

You have our personal commitment to always do everything we can, using the best of Falahmetrix’s capabilities, to best exceed project goals.


Our experience in Managemet Consulting projects provides a compelling value proposition to partner with us. In addition, our intimate knowledge of evaluating projects and the corresponding complex challenges puts us in a unique position to deliver on this crucial engagement. Our compelling value proposition is summarised below:

Deep Expertise and Experience:

We have exceptional qualifications based on our expertise and experience implementing complex engagements in the public sector. Our interventions in the public sector encompass the full range of requisite competencies for this important exercise. These range from Business Diagnosis, Enterprise Development & Corporate Social Development Initiatives, Strategic Review, Financial & Business Modelling, Business Case Development, Business Process Re-engineering etcetera

Rigorous Subject Matter Expertise:

Our team possesses the requisite depth and breadth of both specialist and generalist skills to successfully deliver this engagement based on our prior client experience. These skills range from programme management skills, analytical skills to highly specialised skills in the areas of project management, legal & regulatory compliance and innovation practices.

  • Highly differentiated
  • Inclusive & collaborative in nature, with a strong focus on stakeholder management
  • Rigorous, practical, output driven
  • Comprehensive in scale and scope
  • Ready access to similar work undertaken elsewhere
  • Highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable Project Team members
  • Complemented by the best Subject Matter Experts we could find
  • Comprehensive understanding of the requirements and deliverables sought
  • A tough, yet realistic project plan
  • Rigorous project management approach & methodology
  • Extensive experience with managing community assignments involving multiple stakeholders