Work hard. Focus. Make a positive difference


Social Mission: To operate a company that actively recognises the role of business in innovatively improving the quality of people’s lives – those with whom we work as well as the communities and environments in which we work.

Service Mission: To develop and provide quality, value added long term, holistic solutions in a fashion which excites and retains clients and partners with whom we work.



Service delivery excellence

Value added services on all engagements

Transparency, integrity, honesty


Exceptional customer service

Work hard, work smart



Central to our success has been our focus on developing the core-competency of our business

This competence comprises a blend of expertise, client focus, culture & appropriate structures

End-to-end integrated solutions: Improved ability to offer holistic client solutions through additional capacity.

Our Philosophy:

Our team has consulted to a broad range of clients, with impressively deep and wide Big 4 management consulting expereince.  This experience informs our consulting philosophy:

Ethics are paramount in all we do. We will not compromise our ethics.

We are more than willing to present our opinions directly and be accountable for them.

We are a team. In our view, it is only with close and collaborative culture that we can fully capitalize on the exchange of ideas that leads to consistency in our recommendations and efficiency in execution.

Partnership Philosophy:

Falahmetrix Solutions is committed to building long-term relationships with its clients. We offer a transparent, principled approach, and collaborate closely with our public and private sector clients towards achievement of long-term goals.

Everything we do starts and ends with the client.  Each client is unique in its objectives, tolerance for risk, and circumstances faced.  We evaluate every client’s individual needs before recommending a project execution approach or strategy.

Every client deserves our very best. We will not sacrifice the needs of one client to serve another.

Quality Philosophy:

At Falahmetrix Solutions, consistent high quality is core. Our team of highly qualified professionals and support staff are dedicated, passionate and driven to exceed client expectations at all times. To ensure professional and on-time delivery of consulting projects, we apply international best practice for project management.

People-Centred Philosophy:

People are the most important asset in the world of business. That is why, in everything we do, we are committed to investing in the education, development and empowerment of our people.

Continuity of our consulting team is a critical core business value.  We take care to ensure that our team’s morale is high, that their ideas are heard, and that key professionals participate in the success of our business.